Research at the cMDIS spans the broad spectrum of the physical and chemical sciences and engineering, supporting advances in new materials, devices, and systems. 


Actuation Devices and Systems

Creation of reconfigurable surfaces for optimizing flow in multiple large-scale systems, including aircraft and buildings.

Advanced Computational Materials, Devices and Systems

New materials, devices and circuit designs for advancing the state-of-the art in computation, including studies of electronic transport at the nanoscale, THz-level circuit design, and materials for cognitive computing.

Advanced Energy Solutions

Research spanning new methods for energy storage, generation and transmission, including thermoelectric materials, advanced photovoltaic materials, and optimizing the energy grid.

Advanced Polymeric Materials

Creation and discovery of new polymeric structures and properties with applications such as 3D-assembly, novel energy systems, and optical / electronic devices.

Device and System Packaging

 Integrating advanced electronic, optical and mechanical systems into circuits and functional systems.

Electrochemical Systems

Broad applications to fundamental mechanisms of corrosion, advanced battery systems, and nuclear waste storage.

Interfacial Engineering and 2D systems

Creation of enhanced interfacial property combinations using molecular interlayers and synthesis, processing and characterization of new atomically thin layered systems with novel properties.

Materials Informatics and Data Analytics

 Developing new methodologies for prediction of new materials with improved properties, and for maximizing extraction of information from data.

Micro-scale and Nano-Scale Thermal Engineering

Experimental and computational studies of heat transfer at ultra-small length scales.

Modeling and Simulation

 An extensive modeling and simulation eco-system, spanning first principles to atomistic to continuum methods, supported by one of the most powerful supercomputers on a US academic campus.

Nanostructured Systems

Fundamental research into creation of new structures at the nanoscale, with new property combinations, and novel opportunities for system assembly, particularly at the biological-abiotic interface.

New Materials Solutions for the Built Environment

Advanced materials and systems solutions for controlling energy, light, ambient, and information flow within and into / out of built structures.

Novel Materials Measurement Methods

New methods for extracting structure, chemistry and properties over extended ranges of length and time scales.

Polymer Nanocomposites

Improved understanding and control of particle / matrix distribution functions for enhanced properties (e.g. mechanical, dielectric, optical)

Processing and Manufacturing Research

New methods for materials processing and assembly, spanning a broad range of materials, structures, control, and advanced manufacturing methods.

Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Growth, processing and device fabrication in III-nitride and SiC based materials, for power electronics, high temperature electronics, and solid state lighting.