Students & Postdocs

Focus Groups

Currently we have 7 research focus groups. The first Research Focus Groups dinner was held on October 19th. Below are the contact information for group leads, feel free to get in touch with them to participate or you may use this link to join an RFG. 

If you have an idea for another focus group topic, or if you are interested in leading a vacant position, please send an email to Deniz Rende (  It is a great opportunity for teamwork, leadership and networking. 

Group Title Group Lead Contact Info
Electrochemical Systems Varad Maharajani,
Nanofabrication Brent Engler,
Polymers, Biomaterials, Composites Jacob Merson,
Atomistic Modeling Methods vacant
Thin Films Anshuman Thakral,
2D Materials vacant
Characterization Nimish Nazirkar,

    CMDIS  Graduate Student and PostDoctoral Program

    The CMDIS has an active and vibrant membership program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in the broad research fields of engineering and thechemical and physical sciences.  Activities to date have included a career guidance event and establishing a set of Research Focus Groups (see below). Our aim is to establish a supportive and collaborative research community for all students and postdocs performing research in the broad fields relevant to the CMDIS. Future events and opportunities will include technique seminars, hands-on training sessions, interactions with industrial partners, and a travel support program for attending international conferences.  If you would like to become a member please email our Administrative Coordinator, Jennifer Tedesco, at

    Undergraduate Research

    The eighty or so faculty groups that are members within CMDIS engage large numbers of undergraduate researchers in their laboratories.  This provides motivated undergraduates the opportunity to gain research experience in laboratories and faciilties that are at the cutting edge of science and engineering.  In addition, there are opportunities to work directly with Center staff in our experimental facilties.  For further details of undergraduate research policies and procedures see here (  If you are interested in exploring undergraduate research opprotunities within our Center, please contact Dr. Deniz Rende (